Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Unfinished Story - Chapter3

Between Time and it’s Acceleration

July 10, 2010

Drip drip drip drop, rainy drops falling under the sky…
Drip drip drip drop, wish you could hear me now…
Drip drip drip drop, I am missin’ you…

Tic-tac Tic-tac wondering why time flies so fast…
Tic-tac Tic-tac just wonders how many memories could last…
Tic-tac Tic-tac in my memory until the very end…

Drip drip drop drop ... Tic Tac Tic Tac . . .

And my tears fell in under.

October 10, 2010

Dear God,

Why do I get sad, why I get jealous and envy when Jeron is with her…
Lord, I feel I’m worthless to him, like he doesn’t love me anymore..
Did he really love me? Why am I even like this?
I’m so sad just by thinking she is much taller, much prettier, and much successful…
And what can I do? :( I’m just starting with life….I am losing hope and self-confidence…

( a small paper suddenly drop in the diary while Jeron was moving in his seat)

June 2011

There is pain in my heart…
Can you love me even if I cannot remember you?
You can love me even if I cannot remember you…
Can you love me even if I don’t love you anymore?
Or maybe that’s what I knew…

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Möbius Operandi

by CBTL Panda

Where problems arise for different occasions.

Some are meant to be a challenge, others are faced for us to realize and there are those that make life `fun`.
(problem + solution) * choice = life
just one of the many solutions to different challenges.

Some solutions are just more favorable than others

this is why we have limited choices.
If you're brave enough to venture the unknown/(outside your comfort zone)
you'll realize that is where `fun` is.

With enough given anything is possible and

"something that seems impossible but happens anyway"
a `miracle` so to speak.

I just see the world differently.

At times its with the eyes
though I like it most when its with the heart.

Only you yourself can decide

and make that choice

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Especially You

by: CBTL Panda

If I gave you the `look`
   It means I'm watching you
If I gave you a hug
   It means I'm here for you
If I gave you a smile
   It means thanks for making my day
If I hold your hand
   It means I won't let you go
If I lean on your shoulder
   It means thanks for the time
If I say `I Love you`
   I really mean it "I love you"

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Unfinished Story (Chronological Order of the Series)

Hi there guys!
it's me KeoHime. :)

A lot where asking me this question about the chronological order of the Novel:

"The Unfinished Story". Below are some of the links with their title and order.

*1st Movement -  Letter To My Love I 
*2nd MovementLetter To My Love Part II 
*3rd Movement -  A Diary to The End

The 3 movements:
Chapter 1:  In The Beginning ~ of My Beginning
Chapter 1: (a continuation) The Unfinished Story: Chapter 1 Continuation - In The Beginning ~ of My Beginning
Chapter 2:  The Unfinished Story: Chapter 2 -- I belong to you

Thank you so much for the great and awesome support!!! =D I appreciate it so much!

I will be updating and posting more!

:D please keep in touch!

Take care!!

The Unfinished Story: Chapter 2 -- I belong to you

August 9, 2008

You know the feeling of when you fall in love, or starting to fall in love with the person next to you? The feeling of even if just seeing that person makes you happy?
The feeling of the excitement of seeing that person… *blush* … the feeling of being with him, seeing him, just being beside him… and the excitement and looking forward to see that person again… and again…

Even if I wait for so long just to you… I would do it… as long as I believe what you told me that you will come for me. And you’ll be back… you’ll come see me…
Today is the day of our date… Today, I will see you again…
Today, I’m standing in front of this tall building waiting for you…
Because you told me that you wanted to see me and I also wanted to see you.
I think I’m fallin’ in love…
I can’t stop thinking about you; I think I’m going crazy.
But this feeling of mine is nice to keep, as long as you are the reason of it.

And… then, I saw you… right before my eyes… I can’t believe it, finally, it’s you!
I’m so happy…
Finally we meet again…

And I get close to you, as you say “sorry I’m late”, as my heart keeps on pounding and shaking I said, “It’s okay, as long as you’re here now, It will be okay”.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Unfinished Story: Chapter 1 Continuation - In The Beginning ~ of My Beginning

Continuation of Chapter 1.

Jeron: I never knew, this is how she felt when we first met down the beach… I must be really a trouble to her…

January 7, 2008

Dear God,

 O_O today is my first day of class… I can’t believe it… :( vacation is finally over… and today is so hot, is it really the month of January. God? T__T sometimes I feel studying medicine is useless. Well, this is my third year in the Faculty of Medicine in Dermatology... =))
Oh Lord, I’m bored. I want more vacation! :)) wahahahaha!

Oh well, I will do what I have to do… and graduate on time… and helloooooo board exam… X_X im scared…

Preliminary exam is on next week, better STUDY HARD!!!

I’ll be writing again… I need to study hard.. :( 

I’m crying now God.
Please give me strength. Thank you!
I will do my best and please take care of the rest.
I’m scared, but I know you’ll help me throughout of this battle.

Let your will be done! =D




Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In The Beginning ~ of My Beginning

Author's Note: HEY ALL!!! HAPPY 2013!!! :) This is the continuation of the third movement: "A Diary to The End" where you continuously supported the first and second movement: Letter to My Love Part I and Two. Now I bring you its Beginning. Enjoy! I hope you can still support this, I will be updating and writing more stories for you to follow what will be going next in the sequence. Thank you!

Catherine gave me Cleo’s Diaries after they decided to bury her dead body in the States, I guess that’s how her parents and sister hated me. . .
I miss Cleo so much, that’s why I decided to keep her diary to remember her memories of our love together… This sounds silly but, I really really miss her. I wonder what heaven is like, but I know Cleo would always be happy now she is with our creator now… Man, why am I crying! I miss you Cleo!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! I… I… I’m sorry!!!!! I should have stayed… I should have understand… I should have… LOVE YOU MORE! *sob*…

Chapter I:

Today is a fine morning!!! Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Today is the first day of the year 2008! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I assume that this year will be BLAST just like last year!
Aaaaaaw! Most of the shops today are closed! How am I supposed to shop my new apparel for this year?
Oh well… I might just bore myself to death here and sleep. It’s 10 am in the morning and I envy my friends especially Jasmine who went to Japan. >_< I SO ENVY HER!!!!

OH well, I might just grab some breakfast and be back later. Catch ya later, I might go near the park and take a nice 10km walk. I just hope that is sufficient enough to burn the time. Haha!



*red face* You don’t know what happened awhile ago! (well oh yeah, you won’t I haven’t written about it yet…) … >_< I decided to go to the beach side and hope I might see some old friends this new year season… BUT GUESS WHAT?! I MET THIS STRANGE GUY!!! Oh well, I’m being exaggerated now… He was surfing early in the morning and while I was seating there on the sand, and when the water come rushing inward the land, Oh No, you wouldn't believe what happened…. THAT GUY who is on his surfing board BUMP ME!!!! I thought I would die, good thing that board was left on the shoreline … >_< and and, Now I’m freakishly soaking wet. And the worst part of is, (yeah the mere fact that he bump me, like a thousand times, Cleo), and the worst part is, he pinned me down from the force of the water coming from the sea, and I though today was low tide! How did that happen?! Well I think that was an accident, but noooooooo HE IS SO HEAVY!!!  I thought I’m going to drown, I thought I'm going to die … but due to my kindness and adrenaline rush, I guess I have to help him… and said, “Mister Mister, are you alright? Are you still alive? HELLO??? WAKE UP?! WAKE UP?” as I checked his heart beat on his chest to make sure I wouldn't end up going to jail…. XD Just joking, of course his life is my top priority… and then, he began to cough all the excess water and thank me. (OKAY!!! I will be going to say this once… But this is not a LITTLE MERMAID STORY!!! *red face*) … (IT’S AN ACCIDENT I TELL YA, IT IS IT IS! HONEST!) I never did asked his name but the good thing is I SAVED A LIFE! YEY! And he is alive. Whew, Thank goodness. Then told him, “Okay, I’m glad your okay now, I need to head back home and change my clothes. Hope you can take care of yourself now…” and NOW, I’m soaking wet… >_< Oh well, Need to change a bit and take a nap. Its already 5 pm and I’m exhausted, I should have stayed home and watch movies.

Will write again! :D SERIOUSLY! :p